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Delivery anywhere in Europe 🇪🇺 from France 🇫🇷 with 🖤
Delivery anywhere in Europe 🇪🇺 from France 🇫🇷 with 🖤

Cross plumbing curtain rod bracket and plugs

Original price €15,12 - Original price €20,94
Original price
€15,12 - €20,94
Current price €15,12

Black cast iron plumbing curtain rod bracket consisting of a flange, a sleeve, a cross and two stoppers.

The supports are sold individually and without the bar, in order to allow you to best adapt them to your window or bay window.

Supports to be screwed to the wall or to the ceiling can accommodate three sizes of pipes:

  • Rod support size 15/21 or 1/2 - Weight 490 grams - Screw-in plate size 8.5cm - Rod spacing vs wall: 5.5cm
  • Rod support size 20/27 or 3/4 - Weight 625 grams - Screw-in plate size 8.5cm - Rod spacing vs wall: 5.5cm
  • Rod support size 26/34 or 1" - Weight 1030 grams - Screw-in plate size 8.5cm - Rod spacing vs wall: 6.5cm

CURTAIN ROD : pipes from 100cm to 150cm are available here "Long pipe". If you prefer smaller sized pipes, they are available here: "Black cast iron pipes" and sleeves to connect them available here: "Black cast iron sleeves".

CUSTOM CUT pipe: For exact dimensions we offer custom cut tubing from 21cm to 147cmCLICK HERE


1/ For example, if your window is 80 cm wide, add at least 20 cm on each side for the bar, so 120 cm of curtain rod in total.

2/ If the total length of the bar exceeds 200 cm, we recommend that you add an additional central support. Concerning this model (respecting the size of the support (1/2 - 3/4 - 1") add: A black cast iron floor flange + A black cast iron male/male sleeve + A black cast iron equal tee.

PRECAUTIONS: Once the two supports and the bar are fixed to the wall, be aware that the weight can be substantial. Be sure to use suitable dowels and check that your support is capable of supporting the weight of the assembly. EQUALLY, please note that installing a curtain rod with this type of bracket is done in one piece. Which implies that when you want to wash your curtain, the entire block has to be dismantled. To avoid this inconvenience, you can use our two other models of supports, for example the one in Tea or with a big elbow.

OTHER USE: This curtain rod can also be used as a handrail, ideal in a staircase, but also as a towel holder in a bathroom, in this case do not forget to varnish the pipe!

In any case, we remain at your disposal to advise you, ideally by telephone from Monday to Friday. 

Ideally, you can protect your rod support from oxidation over time with springtime transparent.

Shipping within 2-3 business days.