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Delivery anywhere in Europe 🇪🇺 from France 🇫🇷 with 🖤
Delivery anywhere in Europe 🇪🇺 from France 🇫🇷 with 🖤

Industrial coffee table structure

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Industrial style coffee table structure*: sold as a self-assembly kit, all you have to do is place your tray on the floor flanges. Once this is fixed, your industrial style coffee table will be operational immediately.

We present three different models on this page with all the information you need to know for the assembly of your table. Also, if you wish, let your imagination run wild to create your own table structure, taking inspiration from the models below.

PLEASE NOTE : The finish and appearance of the pipes can be alternated slightly, from steel gray to dark Gunmetal. The same goes for the texture, which is smooth to shot-blasted depending on the arrivals. Do not hesitate to contact us by telephone to ask for confirmation of the colors on your order, we will be happy to inform you.

Three models available to you:

1/ Steel frame kit:  (H37 x W75 x D49cm) Reference STABAAC0001

- Height: 37cm

- Length (center distance) : 75 cm

- Depth (center distance): 45 cm

- Weight: 6 kg

Ideally suited for a tray of:  90cm x 60cm

Kit consists of (27 pieces) 3/4":

- Female plug = x4

- floor flangex4

- Female equal tee = x6

- pipe 15cm = x8

- pipe 20cm = x4

- pipe 70cm = x1

2/ Steel and brass structure kit:  (H34 x W71.5 x D46cm) Reference SSTABALA0001

- Height: 34cm

- Length (center distance) : 71.5 cm

- Depth (center distance): 42 cm

- Weight: 5.500 kg

Ideally suited for a tray of:  85cm x 55cm

Kit consists of (27 pieces) 3/4":

- Female brass cap = x4

- floor flangex4

- Female equal brass tee = x6

- pipe 15cm = x8

- pipe 20cm = x4

- pipe 70cm = x1

3/ XL steel structure kit:  (H42.5 x W105 x D56.5cm) Reference STABAACXL01

- Height: 42.5cm

- Length (center distance) : 105 cm

- Depth (center distance): 56.5 cm

- Weight: 14,700 kg

Ideally suited for a minimum tray of:  120cm x 70cm

The kit consists of (39 pieces) 1"1/4 and 1":

- Single reduction 1"1/2 - 1" = x4

- Reduced sleeve 1"1/2 - 1"1/4 = x4

- Reduced sleeve 1"1/4 - 1" = x4

- floor flange 1"1/4 = x4

- Right/right nipple 1"1/4 = x4

- Black cast iron tee equal female 1"1/4 = x4 

- Black Cast Iron Equal Female 1" Tee = x2

- pipe 100cm 1" = x1

- pipe 15cm 1"1/4 = x8

- pipe 15cm 1" = x4

Assembly tips: the pipes are delivered protected by a thin layer of fat in order to preserve them from oxidation over time. It is customary to remove this film of fat with a cloth for example and degreaser or simcores white spirit to clean the steel pipes as well as possible. Also, in order to protect them from oxidation, after having degreased them, it is recommended to varnish them with special varnish for metals, spray for example clear spray varnish.

Shipping to France within 1 to 2 weeks.

Delivered as a kit to assemble yourself.

Sold with invoice and VAT.

It is recommended to protect your pipes, fittings and flanges from oxidation over time with springtime transparent.

*Coffee table structure sold as a kit without top and without screws.

Industrial coffee table structure Industrial coffee table structure
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