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La décoration industrielle DIY c'est quoi ?

What is DIY industrial decoration?

What is Do-it-Yourself industrial decoration?

The industrial style has been gaining popularity in recent years in France. Inspired by the atmosphere of factories and warehouses of centuries past, elements of this style can be found in an increasing number of homes and apartments.

Read on to discover the DIY industrial style, as well as some tips and tricks to integrate it into your interior decoration.

Where does industrial decor come from?

Part of the interest in industrial decor lies in its historical influences. It is inspired by the architectural approaches of past centuries.

It is ironic to note that for an interior style that is trendy today, aesthetics were of no importance at the time.

At the time, functionality was the main objective of these buildings: they were built, often hastily, to house workers and facilitate industry, as the Industrial Revolution was in full swing. There were no frills in terms of decor, as there was no need for it.

In addition to being spaces where production efficiency could be maximized and expenses minimized, the minimalist and stripped-down nature of industrial buildings was also driven by the need to enhance factory security. A no-frills building was much less likely to catch fire – a key factor at the time.

At the beginning of the 20th century, concrete and steel began to be widely used in the construction of commercial buildings and as a result these elements were carried over into modern industrial style interiors. Then, around the middle of the 20th century, many industrial buildings, usually located in cities, were no longer in operation, many of them falling into disrepair. Some then began to take an interest in these buildings with the aim of transforming them, in particular into housing, and the Loft appellation was born with its industrial style of which we know its success today. 

déco appart loft tendance

Lighting in an industrial interior decoration

As in a lot of interior design, lighting is key. Natural light is always highly desirable whenever possible - after all, industrial buildings originally had large windows to let in as much light as possible, as it was simcores the best way to illuminate the building during the working day.

In terms of electric lighting, ceiling and table lighting can be combined. Consider metal finishes and try to get items with a vintage appeal, such as Edison-style light bulbs.

It's a bit of a paradox, given that much of the industrial age already predated the invention of the light bulb, but vintage-style lighting will work just fine, like for example this DIY wall light below. together with a few plumbing fittings, steel tubing and a few light bulbs with an E27 compatible cast iron fitting, will add extraordinary character and distinction to a room.

Eclairage applique murale

Find at the top of the page the interior decoration of the life-size loft. A clean, simple, trendy decor with a very pleasant light that creates an atmosphere where we feel good living together. A clear and light atmosphere where well-being imposes itself.

Recycling in industrial decor is trendy

A large part of the elements of a DIY industrial decoration can come from recycling, it is often even in better taste. All those old factory pieces destined for the landfill can be given new life in an imaginative industrial setting.

Vintage items or items inspired by retro appliances, gears or gadgets are perfect for creating DIY industrial decor. Spaces created in an industrial style highlight raw materials and natural finishes, resulting in eminently relaxed and unpretentious rooms.

Again, for example a salvaged drawer set on castor legs and covered in wood can make a wonderful side table or bedside table. Combined with original accessories and a large vintage element like an old vintage clock, the result is decidedly industrial. In fact, the clock face is a common element that you will see in industrial interior designs.

Noble materials in a DIY industrial interior decoration

Repurposed wooden (apple harvest) crates are ideal for rooms designed in an industrial chic style.

Whether salvaged, used, or purchased, items like a leather ottoman add another texture to the space without softening it too much. In fact, leather is a popular material for industrial decorating styles that need a soft touch.

Recycled items and DIY items are perfect for use in this type of decorating style. If you like to create your own industrial-style décor, shop around and see what you can find that will suit your space, either raw or paintable and editable.

Everything from small accessories to larger architectural elements abandoned on old industrial sites can be used in some way. Wooden mirrors can turn into side tables. The secret: when you try to integrate salvaged pieces, let your creativity run wild and don't hesitate to hang out a bit on Pinterest or Instagram, you will find an inexhaustible source of decoration ideas in all styles.

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