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Free delivery in France from 120€* | Professionals: Up to 30% off
Fabriquer un garde-corps style industriel

Build an industrial style railing

How to make a railing out of plumbing fittings and tubing

You can build and make a multitude of things with cast iron fittings. In this article we present a very well done video on the realization of an industrial style guardrail to secure the opening of a staircase. The construction of a railing is not done lightly, depending on the different configurations of stairs, landings, steps or various situations, such as if your railing is located in a place that accommodates public or children, there are standards to be respected for the realization of this one. This is a project that is prepared upstream, this video will be very useful for the preparation of your railing.

Video produced by Salomé and Kevin, two passionate handymen who share their self-construction project for their small house. You can follow their adventure on social networks:

For the realization of this railing, the same as the one presented in the video, you will need the following elements below:

Garde-corps style industriel

All fittings and tubes are 34mm in diameter, i.e. (26x34) 1":
x5 pro flanges x1 elbow fitting 90 FF
x2 FFF tee fitting
x1 3-way distributor fitting
x2 4-way distributor fitting
x4 tubes 30cm
x2 tubes 20cm
x3 tubes 70cm
x3 tubes 150cm

We remind you that several dimensions are available on our site for tube lengths:

  • Length 5cm
  • Length 6cm
  • Length 8cm
  • Length 10cm
  • Length 12cm
  • Length 15cm
  • Length 18cm
  • Length 20cm
  • Length 25cm
  • Length 30cm
  • Length 40cm
  • Length 50cm
  • Length 70cm
  • Length 85cm
  • Length 100cm
  • Length 125cm
  • Length 150cm

Also, if you want a custom length not mentioned above, we suggest you cut the cast iron tubes to the desired length to the nearest centimeter

Fileter un tube en fonte

Small tip to know: Depending on the different types of projects as for our example or any other closed circuit structure, it may be useful to use a female union connector or a Male/Female union connector. This fitting allows you to screw upside down when looping the structure. It is provided for this purpose, which allows in the present case or for example of a square to make it simple, to screw in both directions. Simply place the union fitting between 2 tubes or between a fitting and a tube.

A point to clarify? Do not hesitate to send us a message!

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